OnLineList v 0.8.0

OnlineList is an application inspired by the Windows application
OffLineList, where you can see the list of games from different consoles.

OnlineList is an application inspired in windows application “OffLineList” ( You can download the list of videogames of different consoles, see images of videogames (that download from external websites), know the distribution and the languages of videogame. OnLineList no download roms and emulators.

With OnLineList in your mobile you can download images of your favorite’s videogames and set as wallpaper or play with the game “What game is it?” where you must guess his name.

With the application you can:
– Download the list of videogames of different consoles.
– Update the list of consoles PSP and Nintendo DS (long press name).
– Search the name of a videogame.
– Download and cache the images of videogames.
– Set images of videogames as wallpaper.

The application save the images in a cache. If you download your images with the windows program “OffLineList” you can copy this images in the SD card of your mobile and the application does not download the images. The SD Card has a folder /onlinelist/images with different folders for different consoles as nintendo_ds or atari_5200. Copy the images in the same way is in the “OffLineList” on your SD Card.

You only can update the PSP and Nintendo DS thanks


PSP (Update).
Nintendo DS (Update)
Game Boy Advance
(Picture downloaded from

Game Boy Color
PC Engine
(Picture downloaded from

Atari Jaguar
Atari 5200
Nintendo 64
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color
(Picture downloaded from

Xbox 360
Xbox Live Arcade
Virtual Console
(Picture downloaded from

Recent changes:
[Add] Cache images.
[Add] Update list of PSP and Nintendo DS consoles.

[Fix] Error close.

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